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About Us

HAEMATO PHARM has been supplying European countries with top original drugs at a particularly favourable price for ten years now. This philosophy is supported both by the production of our own products and the import of original European medicines.
The high life expectancy, the growing number of chronically ill people and the increasing health awareness of society are leading to an increased demand for health products and services. We want to play a part in ensuring that every patient benefits from the latest, innovative therapies and treatment concepts.

Since 2005, our philosophy has been supported by growth in new and improved therapies with innovative branded products. On the basis of the import of low-priced original preparations from EU member states, considerable savings potential can be realised in drug expenditure. In Germany, parallel import, which uses price competition without quality differences, has been established since the 1970s and saves around 222 million euros annually for statutory health insurance companies. In Austria, the market for original EU medicines is still relatively young. In this market, however, health insurance companies are saving part of their expenses with our original drugs, especially in the high-priced therapeutic areas.

Long-term and sustainable

In constant cooperation with doctors and pharmacists, over 240 million euros are saved annually on prescription and dispensing. In this way, we make an important contribution to ensuring a cost-conscious supply of medicines.

Permanent increase in value

Our healthy growth proves that our product philosophy and implementation are widely recognized. On this foundation we are constantly setting ourselves new goals to meet the growing demands of society and to look confidently towards a transparent health system.


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