IFRS Third-Quarter 2018 Results

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In the third quarter of 2018 HAEMATO AG, Berlin (ISIN: DE0006190705), achieved IFRS consolidated sales of EUR 69.12 million (previous year: EUR 72.5 million). In the considered period of January till September 2018 the sales amounted to € 212.8 million (previous year: € 211.3 million). This corresponds to an increase in sales of almost 1%. The EBIT of EUR 7.63 million (previous year: EUR 5.6 million) was significantly increased compared to the same period of the previous year. The net income for the year amounts to 5.87 million euros (previ-ous year: 3.9 million euros).

In the third quarter of 2018, the dividend of EUR 0.30 per share (EUR 6.594 million), ap-proved by the Annual General Meeting on July 4, 2018, was distributed.

Already on 21.09.2017 HAEMATO AG terminated all issued participation certificates (ISIN: DE000A0EQVT2 / WKN: A0EQVT) as of 31 December 2017. With the notice in the Federal Bulletin of 28.06.2018 the company made use of its voting right to grant the participation cer-tificate holders shares in HAEMATO AG instead of disbursement. For this purpose, 887,154 no-par-value bearer shares were issued as part of a conditional capital increase. The share capital of HAEMATO AG thus increased by EUR 887,154 (from EUR 21,980,000 to EUR 22,867,154).

The capital increase and the current business figures lead – despite the dividend distribution to the shareholders – to an increase in the equity ratio from 58% (as of December 31, 2017) to 64.5% (as of September 30, 2018).

The HAEMATO Group is established on the market as a supplier of specialty pharmaceuti-cals. The specialization in pharmaceuticals for the treatment of chronic diseases points to a potential for above-average growth in the future due to demographic developments.

The Executive Board in focusing on the optimization of the processes important to the core business through digitization in order to sustainably increase the operational margin. For the entire financial year 2018, it is expected that consolidated turnovers will be maintained at the level of the previous year.


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