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Educational Material

Learn more about drug safety, read educational materials and get access to information for medical professionals.

The term “Educational Material” includes all information that goes beyond the instructions for use and technical information and has been commissioned by the competent federal authority within the framework of the marketing authorization.

The provision and correct distribution of these educational materials to the intended recipients is a prerequisite for the safe use of the medicinal product and indispensable for minimising the risks arising from its use. Further information on educational material can be found on the websites of the competent authorities:

  • the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) and of the
  • Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI).

You will also find lists of drugs (ordered by drug name or active ingredient) for which educational material has been ordered:

  • Medicines in the area of responsibility of the BfArM
  • Medicines under the responsibility of the PEI

To achieve the goal of minimizing drug risks, educational material must meet three requirements:

1. All necessary materials must always be available for the respective group of recipients.
2 It must not confuse the user and/or patient.
3. The readability and comprehensibility of the material must be guaranteed for all the recipients concerned.

To this end, you will be provided with harmonised training material that is common to all distributors of a medicinal product.

You can recognise such harmonised training material by the Blue Hand logo, which indicates that it is information material that has been officially ordered and approved to improve drug safety.
Officially approved training material can be found at:


www.pei.de/DE/arzneimittelsicherheit-vigilanz/schulungsmaterial/schulungsmaterial-node.html  (only available in German)

If no training material for a particular drug is published under the links mentioned above, we recommend that you contact the marketing authorisation holder immediately.

As a rule, you will find the desired information material in the current version on the Internet pages of the registration holder or on a website dedicated to the product.

If you have any questions on this topic or need support, our staff will be happy to help you:
By telephone during our business hours: +49 30 677 986 7202
By e-mail: schulungsmaterial@haemato.de

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Ordering Service Germany

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