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Inexpensive original medicines from Europe for the highest quality and economy – as a parallel importer, we have been offering this to already strained health systems for over 10 years. We want to help every patient benefit from the latest innovative therapies and treatment concepts, even if they are very expensive due to complex development and production processes.


We are specialists for indications that are often treated with particularly cost-intensive therapies. We make cheaper original preparations possible with


  • Cancer
  • Neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease
  • Aids
  • Cardiovascular disorders


Besides the distribution of generic drugs HAEMATO imports drugs from the European Economic Area (EEA). These find their way to patients in Germany in two different ways: either as parallel imports or as re-imports. In any case, the products of the importers are always original preparations.
With parallel imports, we can make innovative original drugs available at significantly lower prices. We use the regional price differences in the individual European countries. Well-known manufacturers offer their products throughout Europe at different prices. HAEMATO PHARM acquires the original drugs and imports them to Germany in order to place them on the market parallel to the manufacturer and at significantly reduced costs.
An original manufacturer produces a drug in Germany. This will be launched in other European countries. HAEMATO buys excess stock from the wholesaler and reimports it back to Germany. These drugs must also be re-approved before they are repackaged or labelled.

So All Involved Benefit

To ensure that our top-quality products reach your pharmacy and the patient’s hands at an affordable price, a product goes a long way in many steps. At HAEMATO, an integrated quality management system from import to delivery ensures optimally coordinated processes.  In this film you get a small insight:

1:1 The Original

Our customers only receive original medicines. This means that our imported drugs are exactly the same branded products that the manufacturers themselves market in Germany. The products come from the same manufacturing plants, so the active ingredient, administration and therapeutic effect are completely identical.
Of course, the parallel imports from HAEMATO PHARM receive a packaging and an instruction leaflet in German. In addition, like all manufacturers, we are subject to German and Austrian drug laws and European directives and work closely with the authorities. Identity and quality of the products are guaranteed at all times.


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