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Statutory health insurance companies in Germany can conclude so-called discount agreements with drug manufacturers. This possibility has existed since 2003, and an amendment to the law in 2007 made pharmacies additionally obliged to supply discounted pharmaceutical products, provided that the exchange of preparations was not ruled out by the doctor.

Under the discount agreement, a pharmaceutical company grants the health insurance company a certain discount on the nationwide uniform pharmacy sales price for individual drugs. In the pharmacy, the manufacturer’s discounted products must then preferably be handed over to the insured of the health insurance company. The contracts are limited in time.

Discount agreements enable savings in the health care system with the aim of promoting competition. According to the Federal Ministry of Health, the health insurance companies were able to save 2.8 billion euros through discount agreements in 2013.

The health insurance companies can exempt their policyholders completely or at least half of the additional payment for drugs from existing discount contracts. Patients thus benefit directly from the contracts concluded.

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