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Quality & Safety

Product quality and safety have top priority. This applies to preparations from our own production as well as to imported original European medicines. Regular audits and inspections by the State Health Office are supplemented by strict internal controls and effective quality management. A complete process documentation is created before each product release.
HAEMATO works according to the EU Good Manufacturing Practice Standards (GMP) and the standards of the German Medicines Act (AMG). Throughout the entire value chain, we have established a quality management system that ensures compliance with the guidelines of the European GMP standards.

Quality Management

HAEMATO has both a manufacturing and a wholesale license. As a result, as a pharmaceutical company we are subject to

  • the strict German pharmaceutical legislation.
  • the supplementary pharmaceutical laws of the European Union.

As a parallel importer, we are subject to the same legal regulations and standards as original manufacturers who transport their medicines. We have established a modern quality management system along the entire value chain which complies with the guidelines of the European Good Manufacturing Practice GMP and Good Distribution Practice (EU-GDP) standards. This includes:

Pure processing

Pharmaceuticals are processed under controlled clean room conditions.

well documented

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ensure correct production processes and associated documentation.

stored safely

Our storage facilities are only accessible to authorized persons and are temperature monitored around the clock.

faultless marking

Labels and package inserts comply with the German Medicines Act and allow products to be labelled perfectly. The routes of each pharmaceutical are fully traceable at all times.

control creates security

Every pharmaceutical that leaves our company is controlled and approved for sale by an independent Qualified Person.

transported safely and quickly

Certified logistics partners reliably transport pharmaceuticals to you while fully adhering to the cold chain.


Most of the medicines we import require reliable temperature control. We guarantee this through a sophisticated transport system with certified logistics partners, which is continuously monitored. You can be sure to receive only first-class, properly stored and tested goods, which not only meet all legal requirements, but above all more than meet our own quality and safety standards.


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