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HAEMATO adds a new generation test device to its portfolio

Schönefeld, 15 February 2022 - HAEMATO PHARM GmbH ("HAEMATO"), a 100% subsidiary of HAEMATO AG (ISIN: DE000289VV1), is expanding its medical device portfolio in the fight against Corona virus. In addition to the already introduced Point-of-Care (PoC) PCR device, HAEMATO is now also marketing the Mini Dock, an alternative PoC device that sets a benchmark in terms of price.

The Mini Dock offers a cost and resource-efficient alternative to laboratory PCR analyses. The test principle of nucleic acid amplification uses the same method as PCR testing, but instead of using heat, the amplification is carried out with the help of enzymes. This speeds up the testing process and makes it significantly less expensive than PCR analysis in the laboratory. At 999 euros per device and 12.50 euros per test, HAEMATO offers a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive PCR devices. The Mini Dock has only the size of a palm and the weight of a smartphone while the specificity is comparable to the specificity of PCR tests. This allows pharmacies, surgeries and hospitals throughout the country to be equipped. Further development for home diagnostics is a possibility, as is networking with many players in the health sector through the modular software platform HAEMATO.AI. By using an interface to the Robert Koch Institute, certificates for tested persons can already be issued here.

According to the Federal Ministry of Health of Germany, the testing with PoC-NAT devices is suitable to verify positive antigen rapid test results. In addition, the Federal Ministry of Health in Germany states on its website, that the tests are very well suited in situations when a reliable test result is needed within a short time, such as testing in emergency rooms, outpatient clinics and care facilities or even for travel.

Patrick Brenske, CEO of HAEMATO AG, says: "From a sales point of view, it is crucial that NAT tests for doctors' surgeries, dentists' surgeries, pharmacies, medical laboratories, rescue and aid organisations as well as test centres of the public health service in Germany are currently remunerated. These places can offer a NAT test free of charge to a person who is entitled to a test and bill them through the respective Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung). Additionally, federal states such as Lower Saxony or Baden-Württemberg subsidise the purchase of the NAT testing devices."

With the speed of a rapid test and the precision of a molecular diagnostic method, the device can detect positive samples for the Corona virus within 15 minutes. This allows faster treatment decisions for the benefit of the patient and early isolation of infected individuals to improve infection control.

Both the PoC-NAT devices and classic rapid antigen tests as well as FFP2 masks are available for order and immediate delivery via the website www.schnelltest-antigen.de.

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