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HAEMATO AG published the Annual Report 2018 on 6 May 2019. In the first quarter of 2019, HAEMATO AG’s sales amounted to EUR 48.4 million.

HAEMATO AG, Berlin (ISIN: DE0006190705), published the Annual Report 2018 on 6 May 2019, as announced in advance in the financial calendar. In consideration of the IFRS 15 „Re-venues“, which is mandatory from the financial year 2018, HAEMATO AG generated IFRS consolidated revenues of EUR 274.1 million, an operating result (EBIT) of EUR 8.5 million and a net income of EUR 6.3 million. The Annual Report is available for download on our website at https://haemato.ag/en/investor-relations/publications.
HAEMATO AG achieved in the first quarter of 2019 IFRS consolidated revenues of EUR 48.4 million and earnings from ordinary operations (EBITDA) of EUR 1.37 million. The revenues were thus significantly below the level of the previous year 2018.
The HAEMATO Group was already able to successfully implement the European Anti-Coun-terfeiting Directive in 2018, which requires that from 9 February 2019 every prescription drug must be authenticated prior to dispensing to the patient. The Europe-wide compulsory launch on 9 February 2019 caused serious problems for national and European IT-service providers, leading to significant delays in the procurement, production and distribution processes.
In addition, patents on some high-revenue preparations have expired, so that, as a result, the revenues decreased compared to the same period of the previous year due to changed and difficult to forecast prescription practices of physicians.
We are countering these developments by establishing new personal and digital structures in the product management, procurement and sales in order to use the existing market potential in a significantly more extensive way in the future.
In June of this year HAEMATO will launch a pharmacy-exclusive hyaluronan-based cosmetic line in Austria.
The HAEMATO Group, as one of the leading suppliers of specialty pharmaceuticals, benefits from competition in the primary healthcare market. The specialisation in drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases and for individual therapies points towards a positive trend in the future due tot he demographic developments.
The overall earnings situation permits the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board to propose an unchanged dividend of 30 cents per share at the Annual General Meeting on 10/7/2019.
HAEMATO AG, founded in 1993, is a pharmaceutical company focusing on the growing mar-kets of high-priced specialty pharmaceuticals in the indication areas of oncology and HIV as well as other chronic diseases.
HAEMATO AG is listed on the Basic Board (Open Market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Key figures on the HAEMATO AG share:
Subscribed capital: EUR 22,867,154
Listed class of shares: Bearer ordinary shares
ISIN: DE000619070
WKN: 619070
Stock exchange code: HAE

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